Thursday, June 20, 2019

DIY Sidewalk Chalk Recipe | Outdoor Craft Activities for Kids | How To

Start planning ahead for that nice Summer weather that’s on its way and outdoor chalk fun with the kids or grandkids with this great DIY Sidewalk Chalk recipe craft project as a keeper!

DIY Chalk Recipe for Kids

It’s been pouring cats & dogs here in Connecticut for 2 days now. I know the rain is needed to bring those summer flowers, but my Baby Boomer bones don’t need Doppler Radar to tell me what the weather’s going to be!

School is out now in New England, and here's an activity to keep the little ones busy once the sun is shining again! The older siblings or grandkids will have fun making this chalk craft activity too!

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CRAFT: DIY Sidewalk Chalk

What You Need:

– 1 Cup Plaster of Paris
– 1 Cup Water
– Powdered Tempera Paint
– Toilet paper Rolls

How To Make It

1. Mix the Plaster of Paris with the water. Add the powdered tempera paint in the color of your choice. You can also divide the plaster mixture into several containers and color each one with a different color paint.

2. Let it sit for a few minutes. Stand up the toilet paper rolls and pour your plaster into them. These will be your molds for the chalk. Set them aside and let the mixture dry for at least 24 hrs. Once the mixture is dry, remove the cardboard roll. If the chalk still seems moist, let it dry for another 24 hrs.

3. Use like any sidewalk chalk.

SOURCE: KinderInfo, used with permission.
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