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Moxie Drink | Hosmer Mountain Beverages | Connecticut Soda In a Bottle

Folks from New England enjoy the unique taste of Moxie soft drink. The Hosmer Mountain Beverages Soda Company is a family-owned and operated soda business for over 50 years located in Willimantic, Connecticut. It's the only retail outlet where I've been able to find this Moxie beverage drink.

Moxie Beverage

I don't get to see my brother too often as he lives in Upstate New York, where he went to college. However, when he does come back down to Connecticut to visit, I try to keep a supply of Moxie beverage around for him.

What is Moxie? Why goodness, anyone who's born and bred here in New England knows what Moxie is!

Moxie is an old fashion beverage that is much like a Sasparilla drink. It has a somewhat medicinal, elixir taste to it. Actually, it's an acquired taste. It's a soda pop I remember from my childhood, that our parents and grandparents used to drink.

According to my best friend who lives in New Hampshire, Moxie is somewhat like Dr. Pepper. She used to mix Diet Dr. Pepper only with Bourbon, but now mixes it with Black Velvet.

After driving to many local stores, I finally called some local bottling companies and found Moxie at Hosmer.

Spring Water Company

Hosmer Mountain lies in the heart of New England, in the pristine northeast section of the Nutmeg State - Connecticut.

Spring water started to come from the base of Hosmer Mountain and was used to start the Hosmer Mountain Spring Bottling Works.

Hosmer Mountain Beverages Connecticut

There are only a handful of independent soda producers left throughout the United States.  Connecticut is home to several, including Ayers and Foxon Park.

Hosmer is an environmentally friendly company, using only flavors and microfiltered , naturally pure water, and no chlorine or other chemicals.

Soda In a Bottle

Hosmer only uses real glass bottles which means that their soda stays fresh longer and doesn't go flat.  Glass bottles are refillable and conserve energy through re-use.

Moxie Soda Pop

You'll find flavors including Cream, White Birch Beer, Sasparilla, Root Beer, Pineapple, Orange, Black Cherry, Raspberry, Grape, Lemon-Lime.  Hosmer also makes a caffeine free ice tea using real honey, and a lemon-lime sports drink similar to Gatorade.  A recently added product was their energy drink called "Red Lightening."

This local Connecticut beverage company also produces a Jamaican-style Ginger Beer with real cane sugar, called "Dangerous Ginger Beer."  The first time I ever had Ginger Beer was in London, as a substitute for Ginger Ale.

Home Delivery is also available so that you can save money when you buy directly from the manufacturer.

You can find a satellite store located at the Soda Shack on Spencer Street, Manchester, CT.

For More Information:
Hosmer Mountain Beverages
Hosmer Mountain Bottling Co., Inc.
217 Mountain Street
Willimantic, CT


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