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Rhubarb Ice Cream Recipe | Homemade Ice Cream | Aldi Crofton Ice Cream Maker Review

This summer I'm experimenting with treating my family and grandchildren to homemade ice cream, made with real food! It all started when I bought this Crofton Ice Cream Maker that Aldi had on sale for $19.99.

Several summers ago we had an exceptionally hot summer here in New England.  Every night we would go to our favorite local, family-owned ice cream shop for an after-dinner treat.  I like to think it was almost akin to the old Howard Johnson's Restaurants, where I tried their famous 28 flavors!

(And probably put on 28 pounds over that summer too!)

For the Rhubarb Ice Cream, I followed a Strawberry Ice Cream recipe and substituted in season fresh Rhubarb.

Homemade Rhubarb Ice Cream Recipe

Ice Cream Maker Reviews

Amazingly, I've never owned an ice cream maker or frozen yogurt maker in all the years I've been married, so I thought that the Crofton Ice Cream Maker that Aldi had on sale for $19.99 was a reasonable price to get me started with making homemade ice cream recipes.

The Aldi Crofton Ice Cream Maker makes homemade Ice Cream, Sherbet and Frozen Yogurt frozen desserts.  It's surprisingly quiet for a little machine.

Features include:

  • Makes 1.06 quarts in approximately 45 minutes

  • No ice or salt needed, easy to operate

  • Has a transparent lid for easy monitoring of ice cream consistency

  • Clear cover with ingredient feeder allows for candies or fruits to be added during the mixing process

  • Ice Cream Maker Instruction Manual

  • Recipe booklet included

  • 2 Year Manufacturer's Warranty

It's recommended that the bowl be frozen in your freezer for 12 to 24 hours in advance of preparing the ice cream base.

I had picked up some fresh Rhubarb fruit at one of my favorite local fresh farm stands here in Connecticut.  We like to have Rhubarb Cobbler and Strawberry and Rhubarb pies all summer long.  Since I've been doing a lot of freezer cooking and freezer meals, I chopped up the Rhubarb and froze it in quart-size bags.

The Crofton is a good little small electric kitchen appliance to have around. It's very portable, and will be fun to take over to my daughter's house when I babysit the grandchildren.  I'm sure that the grandkids will  enjoy eating the rewards of  this fun family kids-in-the-kitchen DIY craft project.

Now that I'm on a roll with making homemade ice cream, I decided that since I'll be trying out every homemade ice cream recipe I can get my hands on, the Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker Ice-21 that I reviewed when I made homemade Chocolate Ice Cream is actually a good sturdy machine that I'll be using more frequently. One of my favorite flavors is Coffee Heath Bar Crunch ice cream!

Easy clean up with my handmade crochet Dishcloths available at my Moomettes Crochet Shop !

Purple Handmade Dish Cloths

Follow along on my Ye Old Ice Cream Shoppe Pinterest board where I'll be pinning my favorite homemade ice cream, Yogurt, Sorbet and Sherbet recipes!

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