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DIY Spica Cast Clothing | How to Sew Infant Child Hip Dysplasia | DDH

If you have a child diagnosed with Infant Hip Dysplasia, or DDH, finding and choosing appropriate clothing to fit over a Spica Cast can be quite challenging.  Being crafty with a sewing machine and knowing how to sew a Spica wardrobe will save money as well as provide everyday choices.

How to Sew Kids Spica Cast Clothes 

When my granddaughter was 15 months old she was diagnosed with DDH and had to undergo surgery up at Boston Children's Hospital to correct her hip.  She would be in a full body cast from the chest down to her ankles for 3 months.  Since it would be summer, I was discussing with her mom appropriate clothing choices for the hot, humid summer here in New England.

Hip Dysplasia DIY Spica Cast Clothing for Girls

Most of the clothing selections I found were all UK based.  I’m convinced that there really needs to be more awareness of Hip Dysplasia, and for new parents to be aware of it at their newborn check-ups.

While dresses are often the clothing of choice, as they’re easy to put on and remove, unfortunately a diaper cover is not very practical.

While searching Pinterest and Google, I came across this Free Sewing Pattern for a Flexible Waist Skirt.

Hip Dysplasia DIY Elastic Waist Girl's Skirt

Girls Basic Flexible Waist Skirt

Thankfully I learned to sew many years ago in Home Ec class.  Now there’s a class that should be taught again in Middle School here in the USA.  It’s a life-long skill and provides a great hobby.

Bingo !  I purchased some colorful cotton and cotton lycra fabric which you can get on Etsy or on Amazon and added a Yoga knit top waistband.  This skirt is easy to make (after my first prototype).

Hip Dysplasia DIY Elastic Waist Girl's Skirt

The waistband can be worth either up or folded over to allow for growth and body placement.  You could also do a split back and add snap strips to make it easier to put on or take off.

Hip Dysplasia DIY Elastic Waist Girl's Skirt

I purchased some colorful one piece bodysuits in cotton, so that they can do double duty as a diaper cover.

Spica Cast Pants and Spica Cast Shorts or Harem Pants

Shorts and tops are always easy for play in the summer.  I decided to try my hand at making a free-form pattern cut from newspaper.

I sewed these hip spica cast shorts similar to Harem Pants and used a strip of snaps along the side so they can be easily removed when diapering baby girl.  These spica cast shorts pants were made from cotton material that I washed ahead of time to allow for shrinkage.  I put in an elastic waist.

Dysplasia Spica Cast Shorts for Girls

It’s recommended when choosing clothes for spica casts, to go up one size from the child’s usual size.

I call them my prototype.

Since they didn’t stretch much, I purchased cotton Lycra material in some fun colors, which have a bit of stretch.  I made those up next as I had some practice with the first pair.

As a cute accessory, I made matching Double Sided Fabric Headbands, which also was a Free Sewing Pattern that I found.  These cute elastic headbands whip up in a breeze, and would also make cute gifts !

DIY Headband for Girls

The surgery went well and my granddaughter is off and running around again.

These skirts are cute not only for special needs children, but adorable enough for any toddler or girl of any age to add to her wardrobe !

For sponge baths, add some soft handmade cotton Washcloths from my Moomettes Crochet shop !

Handmade Cotton Washcloths

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