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Flu Season | Get Your Flu Shot | Health and Wellness

I got my Flu Shot yesterday at CVS Minute Clinic! I like the convenience of CVS walk-in clinics - even though I have a personal physician.  CVS treats preventative medicine such as Flu and Tetnus shots, ear-wax cleaning and minor illnesses - plus most insurance covers the visits.

Winter is notorious for bringing with it higher incidents of cold and flu. Both are caused by a virus so there are no cures to speak of. Instead, the best way to prevent it is to take care of yourself beforehand. Learn about ways to avoid cold and flu.

Flu Season - Preventative Measures

Flu Shot

If you travel frequently like I do to Disney, or cruises, out of the country, perhaps picking the kids up from daycare,or you babysit, and may often find yourself in crowds, whether at the office, school events, or shopping - it's best to be proactive with your health.

Clean Eating

In an attempt to lose a few pounds, I started on ta combination Keto, Atkins and Mediterranean diet.  How we feel is linked to what we eat. Eating makes us feel good. Eating the wrong foods can make us look not so good in the long run also. But, eating certain foods can fight infections and other nasty things that attack the body.

We know that colds and flu are more likely to find us if we are rundown and tired. One way that we get tired is from stress. Stress does change how our body reacts. Our immune system defenses are less able to fight against any infection.

Stress causes us to make poor eating choices. We're on the run from sunup to sundown and we don’t have time to eat a proper diet. At first it may seem that chips and soda from the vending machine isn’t doing any harm but over time, the effects of a poor diet take effect.

What we eat is important. It's our food that provides the nutrients to sustain our body’s metabolism, cellular function, and defenses. A lack of those nutrients and the body starts to feel ill inside. Lack of calcium in the food we eat results in losing it from the bones. Lack of protein means the muscles are robbed for it.

Certain foods can help with that. Eating fruits and vegetables bring us plenty of vitamins and nutrients. Citrus fruits provide vitamin C. This is an antioxidant responsible for cellular repair and preventing disease processes like cancer, high blood pressure, and heart disease.
They also provide Folic acid. Folic acid is given to expectant mothers to aid in the formation of the neural development of their unborn children. Folic acid can be found in oranges and orange juice.
Vegetables provide, vitamins A, C. D, E. and K. These vitamins improve the skin, hair, and nails (vitamin E). They also improve heart health, elasticity of blood vessels, increase serotonin levels to improve mood, and provide potassium. Many vegetables provide more than one vitamin or mineral.
Omega-3 fatty acids are instrumental in heart health. It can be found in salmon, mackerel, herring, and nuts like walnuts and flax seed. Eating fish twice a week boosts the amount of omega-3s in the body.

Veggies Clean Eating

Zinc strengthens the immune system. Meats like beef and lamb contain this helpful mineral. Eating lean cuts of beef twice a week along with chicken, lamb, and pork is healthy for the body and the immune system.

Flu Shot Season Get Your Flu Shot

Watch what you eat. It not only tastes good on the outside but does a body good on the inside.

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Don't forget to get your Flu Shots now ~ call your family physician or check out many of the local pharmacies or town-wide Flu Clinics for dates when they'll be offered.

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