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Riverview Farms | Hay Rides In Connecticut

Hosting a Fall Birthday Party during Connecticut Fall Foliage season is so simple.

Riverview Farms in South Glastonbury, CT holds an annual Fall Festival running from September through October.  The Autumn Festival celebrated it’s anniversary in providing a fun, family event that was loaded with adventures for all ages.

Robbs Riverview Farms Glastonbury Connecticut

We took my youngest granddaughter to visit and she had a grand time enjoying the new baby chicks !

Fall Birthday Party Ideas and Connecticut Autumn Festivals

I can’t believe I’ve been a Grandmom multiple times over already! Where did the time go? It seems like just yesterday I was running around like a chicken without my head, planning a baby shower for my first-born grandchild!

Robbs Riverview Farms Glastonbury Connecticut

My granddaughter was born in Fall so the decision to celebrate her Fall Birthday party and have it coincide with the Riverview Farms Fall Festival was an excellent opportunity to not only celebrate with her school friends, but to enjoy all the Fall activities and experiences that the autumn pumpkin festival had to offer.

My daughter made reservations and provided cupcakes and goodie bags for the children to take home after the party. ‘Lil Moomette’s party was at in afternoon, but an earlier time would allow moms and dads to bring in their own lunch items, such as a pizza party.

Robbs Riverview Farms Glastonbury Connecticut

Riverview Farms Fall Birthday Party celebrations packages includes a hayride with a sugar pumpkin; a petting zoo with food for all the animals; a covered area with picnic tables and options for their 30-foot Giant Pumpkin Bounce House, fresh Apples, Apple Cider and Robb’s delicious homemade Ice Cream, made right on the premises!
And they did all the clean up! Yes!

Robbs Riverview Farms Glastonbury Connecticut

Connecticut Fall Foliage Season Corn Mazes

As some of the children’s siblings were 5 years old and younger, we opted not to enjoy the  2-acre Corn Maize this time around.   The corn maze is made from 8-foot tall cornstalks that shade the paths and block views of the farm surroundings.  There are few landmarks and only the clouds and trees to navigate as the paths zigzag.  The goal is to find the platform.

Robbs Riverview Farms Glastonbury Connecticut

Hayrides and Pumpkin Festivals

Our granddaughter and her cousins and friends enjoyed the hayride as it ambled through the roads and Connecticut hills down to the pumpkin patch where we stopped to allow the kids to pick your own pumpkins to take home.  There was a big John Deere tractor that pulled as along the fields where we got to enjoy sights of a tee pee, free-range goats and the hand-built stone walls that New England is famous for.z

Robbs Riverview Farms Glastonbury Connecticut

Petting Zoo

The Birthday Girl and her friends were able to come “face to snout,” “eye to eye” and “hoof to hoof” with the animal world at Riverview Farms.  They had the friendliest goats for the children to feed and pet.  There were at least 10 different animals in their petting zoo, including furry newborn baby chickens that the kids could hold!

Robbs Riverview Farms Glastonbury Connecticut

Our Party Attendant had ample buckets of pellets on hand to pass out for the children to feed the farm animals.  The farm only uses edible and biodegradable ice cream cones to hold the food.

Robbs Riverview Farms Glastonbury Connecticut

Food – Fresh Apple Fritters Cider and Ice Cream

In New England, besides the wonderful changing colors of the trees, we also enjoy fresh natural Apple cider available either as cold or hot cider;  homemade Apple Fritters made fresh and deliciously hot, as well as offering Range Free Brown Eggs.

Robbs Riverview Farms Glastonbury Connecticut

Robbs Riverview Farms Glastonbury Connecticut
I grew up on non-pasteurized cider, and the taste is magnificent, compared to pasteurized cider that you find in your local grocery stores.  Here ‘s made from their Press at Riverview Farms, and you can see it being made right on side.   Although they have a new press room has windows on 2 sides so you can see the pressing process, the process is still the same as many years ago!  You can bring it home in gallons and half gallons.

Robbs Riverview Farms Glastonbury Connecticut

There are also over 30 flavors of homemade ice cream to try that the Robb, the owner, and his wife have been perfecting for many years.  Specials include Dirty Barn Shoes (interesting!), Goat Tracks  and Grand Slam.  My charming son-in-law’s Dad who’s from Vermont and lives on Ben & Jerry’s, couldn’t wait to try it out!

Party clean-up was easy with my crochet handmade dishcloths available in my Moomettes Crochet shop!

 There’s also a delightful gift shop full of special New England fall decorations, door wreaths and trinkets for you to take home!

Robbs Riverview Farms Glastonbury Connecticut

If You Go:
Riverview Farms
91 Wassuc Road
South Glastonbury, CT  06073

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