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Social Media Productivity Planner | Time Management Marketing Tips

When you run a business from home and manage your household, the stress of trying to micro-manage every little detail can be unbearable. Learn to take it easy by using a Social Media Content Calendar.

Social Media Marketing Tips

Social Media Content Calendar

Social Media Content Calendar

You can improve your time management by using a Social Media Content Calendar. Who can concentrate when their mind is all over the place?

  • 366 Days of Social Media Posts
  • Tackle social media and save hours of time and stress with the 2020 Social Media Content Calendar.
  • It’s 366 days of social media content planned out for you

"Your copy is ready and waiting with:- Prompts for every single day of the year to keep your feed fresh
- Ready-to-go quotes and questions to inspire engagement
- Varying post styles designed to captivate your audience
- Complete list of holidays to celebrate on social media
- Resources and tutorials to support you along the way"

Content is customizable whether you're a food blogger, craft blog, marketing director for any type of business.

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Productivity Planner

You may realize that before you started your marketing business, blog or home business, there were days when the household chores didn't get done or someone needed to be carted to a sports practice.

Now you have taken on new responsibilities with your business that demands your time. If you're afraid that your business or family life will turn into a disaster without your constant attention, don't be. All you're accomplishing is the fact that you're increasing your anxiety level while decreasing your productivity in the home office.

A plausible solution is to set daily goals.  Another helpful productivity tool are the
Social Media and Pinterest Pin Images.

Social Media and Pinterest Pin Images

These will help tremendously with attaining your business goals. These tasks encompass the business side and the family side. Setting goals helps maintain the balance between family and business. This will also help you be better able to relax by doing most of the legwork for you.

Social Media Content Planning Calendar Marketing Tips

Time Management Marketing Tips

1.  As you take on clients or develop ideas to market your blog or product, spread out the work until you find your comfort zone and then you can add more projects. Allowing yourself the time to do good work and complete projects on time is a great feeling.

2. Alternate business days and housework days. There will always be housework to do. For one brief shining moment, your house is clean and then the family comes home. Choose a day when you work schedule is light or take one or two mornings a week and devote them to cleaning. Even on those days, set a time frame. Do what needs to be completed during that time and leave the rest for the next cleaning day.

On the days when work is the priority, your mind will be focused on work and not the daily chores.

3. Schedule in some free time. Spending time doing absolutely nothing or working on a hobby fulfills a soulful need. Work and home are more manageable when there is time for you factored into your week. It doesn’t have to be every day, but it needs to be there for your sanity. You’ll snap if you remain wound too tightly. Take time doing something YOU like to do on a regular basis.

Each day brings a new opportunity to grow your blog or business, enjoy your family and take time to smell the roses. A well balanced life increases overall well-being and productivity in all of your tasks, especially your blog or home business.

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