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Chicken Liver Pate | Easy Chopped Chicken Livers | Appetizer Recipe

Chicken Liver Pate is an old-fashion appetizer that my Mom would often make when entertaining.  

It's really delicious spread on crackers and often served during the holidays.  Simple enough to make, I think it tastes better when you add your own special favorite ingredients to taste and is better than some specialty store-prepared versions you get at a Deli.

Some people like their Chicken Liver Pate chunkier, but I prefer a smoother, creamy consistency. 

Add this delish delicacy to your charcuterie board for a special treat !

Chicken Liver Pate

This easy Chicken Liver Pate recipe is simple enough to make during the holidays - Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, Easter, Mother's Day, , or any special occasion and; just as good any time of year on the deck or patio get-togethers or tailgating party! 

Chicken Liver Pate

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Chopped Chicken Liver Pate


                  1  (lb.) Chicken livers
                              Onion salt (to taste)
                  1 tbl     oil
                1/4         c chopped celery
                1/2 tsp   Seasoning of your choice
                1/2 tsp   salt
                              garlic powder
                              nutmeg dash
                              pepper dash
                  2 tbl    Brandy, Bourbon, Wine or Whiskey to taste
                  1         stick melted butter


In a saute pan skillet, saute and cook livers in butter and salt until tender.  Mix with other ingredients and mash.  You could put it in a small blender or food processor for a smoother consistency.  Cover and refrigerate to chill.   Garnish with chopped onions, chives or scallions if desired.

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