Tuesday, September 21, 2021

German Chocolate Caramel Bars | Cake Mix Dessert Recipe

It' doesn't have to be Fall season to enjoy Caramel! Most people crave sweets or something salty when under stress.  Sometimes we have to indulge and give into our whims.

German Chocolate Bars Cookie Bars Brownie Mix

This recipe for a chocolate caramel bar was given to me by a coworker. It's truly a rich, chocolate creamy caramel goodness fix. And you wouldn't believe it starts with a doctored cake mix!

German Chocolate Caramel Bars Cake Mix Bars Recipe

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German Chocolate Caramel Bars


                  1     pkg. German Chocolate cake mix
                  1     -1/2 c. chocolate chips (1 bag)
                  1 bag caramels (melt in top of double boiler)
                  1     c. chopped nuts (optional)
                1/3     c. evaporated milk
                3/4     c. melted butter
                1/3     c. evaporated milk


               Combine caramels and 1/3 c. evaporated milk in
               saucepan and melt.  Set aside.  Mix by hand: Cake
               mix, butter, 1/3 c. evaporated milk, and walnuts.
               Batter will be very thick.  Spread 1/2 batter in
               greased 9x13 cookie sheet pan.  Bake 350 for 6 minutes.
               Sprinkle chocolate chips over crust, drizzle caramel
               over mixture.  Spread remaining batter over it (use
               hands if necessary).  Return to oven for 18-10 min.
               Cool and refrigerate 30 min. to set caramel then cut.
               Put cookie sheet underneath pan when baking

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