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Popovers | Easy Popover Recipe | Light Airy Popover Muffins

Traditional Popover Muffins are light, fluffy and airy and can be eaten with almost any meal. They taste delicious.  You would be surprised how easy they are to make.


Years ago there was a restaurant in Connecticut called Yankee Silversmith.  Our families would go there for special occasions, such as Easter or Mother's Day.  They were known for their fabulous Popovers, traditionally served with Prime Rib dinners.  We would swoon over them.

As a young bride, I was a guest at a dinner where Prime Rib was served, and the host made Yorkshire Pudding.  It's similar to Popovers.  Yorkshire Pudding uses the juices from beef to make it.  While I never mastered Yorkshire Pudding, I did, however, master how to make Popovers.

Popovers Recipe

Try this easy recipe for Popovers to serve instead of bread or rolls with your next family dinner.  We like to have them at Christmas with a roast.

If there are any leftovers (rarely !) they are great heated up for breakfast with your favorite jam or pure Vermont Butter.


Hint:  My mom always greased her pans with Crisco, and I am a firm believer that this is the secret to making delicious Popovers. They will "Pop" right out.  No muffin liners needed.

Easy clean up in the kitchen with Handmade Dish Cloths from Moomettes Crochet

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The key to good popovers, muffins, cupcakes or egg bakes are using good muffin tins.  There's so many great selections available.

Popovers Recipe

Serving Size: 6 


3  Large eggs, beaten

1-1/2 c. all purpose flour

1 -1/2 c. milk

3/4  tsp. salt

1 tsp. sugar

1/2 tsp. Thyme (optional)


Heat oven to 400 degrees      

Beat all ingredients just until smooth.  

Let batter rest for 30 minutes or longer.  Can be kept a day or two.

Divide  among 12 greased muffin cups.  Bake 25 minutes.  

Reduce oven temperature to 350 degrees  Bake until deep golden brown 15-20 minutes. 
Remove from tins immediately.  Serve warm.

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