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Sourdough Discard Apple Cake | Apple Cake Recipe | Sourdough Desserts

 Apple Cake is one of our favorite cakes - whether for breakfast, snack, or dessert.  This Sourdough Apple Cake is now in my favorite rotation!  Healthy with fruit, maple syrup, and gut-healthy Sourdough Starter


As a quick go-to, I usually keep Tastefully Simple Nana Apple Cake mixes on hand to bake if I have to bring a dessert.

Lately, I've been experimenting with Sourdough Discard recipes, and came across this one using maple syrup in it's Discard Apple Cake with an optional sugar topping. One of my sourdough facebook groups recommended this recipe from Documenting Simple Living blog.

Sourdough Discard Apple Cake

I love how the apples are softened in maple syrup, cinnamon and some butter in my cast iron skillet.

Sourdough Discard Apple Cake

Recipe Sourdough Discard Apple Cake

Although I really like my original recipes, especially Paula Deen's Apple Cake with Caramel Sauce, this new one with Sourdough Discard is the one I'll be adding to my rotation.

If your starter isn't quite ready and you're looking for a quick apple dessert, you might also like this Apple Pandowdy skillet recipe which is good if you enjoy cast iron skillet cooking.

Skillet Apple Pie Pandowdy

Easy clean up in the kitchen with Handmade Cotton Dish Cloths from Moomettes Crochet shop!

Handmade Cotton Dish Cloths

Happy Baking!

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